Tour of the Yard

Here is our front yard, looking much different than it did when we saw the house in February!

front-of-houseIt’s a little hard to convey just how many leaves we had in the flower beds, along the sides of the yard, by the side of the house, and in just about every nook and cranny possible.  We think it was an entire season’s worth, which I cleared in two days –and I didn’t even get to them all!  Bee had to make another compost bin, where we smashed down as many as possible.  I swear, this photo still doesn’t do it justice:

leavesBut it was worth it.  Look at the pretty ferns and flowers along the front of the house!

fernsAnd I can now say that I have a favorite pair of gardening and work gloves.  I even sort of miss putting them on now that we’re back in the city.  Here they are, drying after two long days of service:

glovesWe also fell in love with our new mower.  John-Patrick was out at 11pm Saturday trying it out!  Then I was out Sunday at 8am doing the front and the back.

mowerIt was surprisingly easy to push, nice and quiet, and just felt… good.  Here is the backyard!

backyardBee got to work in the yard a little, but mostly he was busy doing a lot of tedious work painting and edging two rooms inside.  I think I got the good job –poor Bee!  But his paint jobs look excellent.  More posts soon!  We just wanted to give you a little tour of the yard.


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