We’ll Know We’ve Made It When…

Living in an apartment can keep you humble, or at least keep your dreams there. When Me was living in her studio and I was getting ready to move in we would joke that “we’ll know we’ve made it when we have a door,” meaning a one bedroom apartment. And believe me, we felt like high rollers for years when an apartment with a door in our building opened up and we moved in. Now four years later the joke has been “we’ll know we’ve made it when we have a washer and dryer.” Well, that dream is a reality now too, but still a humble one.

I brought my dirty laundry down our closing weekend so I wouldn’t have to feed quarters to the washers and dryers in our apartment building, but didn’t expect to have to ride our washer as part of the process.

Washer Riding

We went to run errands after putting the initial load into the washer, so we were unaware how violent the spin cycle can get. Upon our return the washer traveled about a foot and a half from its original location, but had completed the washing cycle fine. Pictured above is the second load with the shim more strategically placed. Here it just bounced up and down but didn’t travel.

Our dryer has a similar quirk as it only has two options – hot air with a time selection option, and hotter air with the only selection of “wet clothes”. Someone also fashioned a wooden knob for the start button, which I actually think is fun.


All that being said we’re both grateful and feel like we’ve made it – and sporting clean clothes.


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