Six Little Days

It wasn’t our original plan for me to come back down to the house this weekend while Bee went on his fishing trip, but I’m so glad I did.  Not only do I get to do a lot of painting in prep for our move (still about 6 weeks away), but otherwise I’d have no idea how quickly our yard can grow and change in just one little (less than a) week.
For starters, our grass is LONG.  Like, we’re the cruddy neighbors long.  But I can’t really represent that in photos; I’ll just go out and mow tomorrow or Sunday.  (It rained this afternoon, plus I may choose to go with Sunday so it’s one day closer to when we come back in a couple weeks.  Plus, I love to mow, so this is a major bonus.)

Anyway, here are some photo-worthy changes over the past 6 days.  They may not look dramatic on film, but in person it’s pretty stark.

First thing I noticed was the shed in tbe backyard (which we are calling The Hive).  Here is last week:


And now this week:

hive 2

Next are the ferns in the front yard, which in hindsight I’m so glad I saw in their little spiraly curl upward last week.


This week they are standing proud, and noticeably taller and fuller (perhaps thanks to the 3 million leaves I cleared last week?):

ferns 2Finally, yet another unidentified plant, which last week were little pirouettes:

leaves 1And this week resembled elephat ears:

leaves 2In other news, our dafolils that were SO on their way out last week have completely died.  Such is the time of year.  Here is a memorial photo in their honor (they stand in a row along the neighbor’s driveway in our garden patch), with the hopes that we’ll welcome them back next spring:

alsoAll this makes me wonder what else we’ve missed this spring.  Certainly the bush in front and its red blooms (also mostly dead this week) and the pink-blooming tree in front (ditto).  Only makes me all the more excited to live here every day, as well as get our own stuff in the ground in a couple weeks.


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4 Responses to Six Little Days

  1. marc says:

    I’ve been watching some unfurling ferns by our Metra stop. I love that you have ferns!

  2. Bee says:

    The unidentified plant is a hosta. I actually knew that one and my mom confirmed.

    I think all those plants in the back raised bed are weeds.

  3. E. says:

    Your bush in front is a flowering quince. And Bee is right about the hosta. If you have any unidentified plants, post photos. I’m pretty good at identifying them. 🙂

  4. Bee says:

    E. – Thanks for the plant ID’s. We’re out of practice and appreciate the help.

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