Some Changes in Progress

The kitchen, transformed!

kitchen 1Testing out the paint…

kitchen 2Waiting on the trim…

kitchen 3And done!

kitchen 4Looks nice with the cabinets, too!

kitchen 5Big difference from before, which you can see here and here!

We’ve also done the dining room:

This was before:

dining room 1And don’t forget (or do) the turquoise wall:

dining room 2Which Bee painted over:

dining room 3And I finished with white trim last weekend!

dining room 4I’m still not in love with the green, wishing we had gone with something brighter and bolder.  But that kind of color just didn’t look right in the room with all the wood and the lighting.

Last weekend I also tackled the workout room, which looked like this before:

wr1I needed to save the edging for Bee, plus some spots he still needed to patch and sand, AND we will paint the window trim white, but still made a lot of progress:

wr2We also plan to put a very tight berber carpet down in there, which will support the workout equipment well and cover that awful tile.  When I put our sample square in the corner, you can kind of get a sense of what the room will look like when it’s done:


Finally, last weekend, I began the office.  This was before, made all the more awful by the addition of the drop cloth to protect the carpet while I painted:

office 1We are going to paint the trim around the window and along the floor/carpet white, and Bee still needs to unscrew and sand away that awful shelf, so that remains on the to-do, but this can give you a sense of the new color:

office 2It’s a very dark room, until we add two more windows, and the paint color is one that changes a lot with the light.  It’s sort of a warm purple-grey, which is my trademark color.  Here it is in another light.  It will look so much better once the trim is all done!  We’re going to do crown molding in there, too, which is so easy and cheap and will make the room look a lot better:

office 3Still a lot of painting and work to go, but that’s it for the first two weekends!  Four rooms; not bad!


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One Response to Some Changes in Progress

  1. E. says:

    You guys are doing a phenomenal job with the house. Love the colors (esp. the green) and I just love the style and woodwork…very cool!

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