Morning Coffee

One thing I really enjoy is taking a walk, or just being outside while drinking my coffee. Weekdays usually rule this out as I’m drinking coffee while I cram in the usual AM duties before heading to work. Weekends however I like to take a little more time to make some French Press coffee, get out and stroll some if I can. I usually walk north along Sheridan or the lake. I often stop by Berger Park.

Berger Park

Berger Park is a small park and playground on Lake Michigan. I often see people out in the mornings doing the same or walking their dog.

Berger Park

Berger Park

From there I usually head up to Loloya or walk around areas of Rogers Park. It’s nice to start the day outside and to see things from a slower pace, rather than zipping by them on my bike. Even when I go out for a leisurely bike ride I miss so many details as I’m mainly focused on the movement of cars and pedestrians. (Check out John Greenfield’s blog Vote with your Feet for some well written pieces of him exploring some of famous Chicago streets at a walking pace.)

I’m excited to have options for AM coffee strolling in BN. Of course number one is our own backyard or the front porch. Sitting by an open window, which Me and I pretend is our apartment porch, is nice, but is nothing like the real deal. Other options include the Constitution Trail, the campus nearby, and of course our neighborhood.


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2 Responses to Morning Coffee

  1. marc says:

    Hey I love these photos! I especially like #3, but #1 is curious – a window/door sitting on beach?

  2. Bee says:

    Thanks! I took them March ’08, although not while drinking coffee. They do have windows out on the beach to partially enclose the patio of a restaurant.

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