Introducing a Few Links

We have both been busy with school and work this week.  It’s good because the week is going fast, bringing us closer to our next weekend at the house starting Friday.  But it’s left us little time to blog!  (OK, our new farms on Facebook have stolen some of this time, too.)

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Regardless, it seems as good a time as any to orient any readers out there a little bit to the links in our sidebar.  We’ve chosen a small handful of sites which we really like, would like to share with anyone who might be interested, and, perhaps, relate a bit to the things we’re up to these days.

I’ll start by introducing a couple today.  Bee will do some, too.  Within the next couple weeks you all will have met.

The first is a blog that most folks I know also know about, Heidi Swanson’s 101 Cookbooks blog, which you can view both here and along the blogroll to your right.

Heidi wrote one of my favorite cookbooks, called Super Natural Cooking:

supernaturalcookingThis is not only a beautiful book, because Heidi is also a great photographer, but its focus is on whole, healthy, vegetarian foods that are both unique and delicious.  Her blog is really more of the same.  As she cooks and innovates from her own “101 cookbooks”, she shares recipes, strategies, and author profiles with her readers.  Me and Bee both get her updates by email, and it’s not at all uncommon for us to then email each other right away and say, “We’re making this!”.  Many times, we do.  It’s a permanent go-to for us.  So she easily earned a spot on our bloglist.

The other one I want to introduce today is Alpana Singh’s blog, “What would Alpana drink?”, which you can visit here.  Her updates are a bit more sporadic than Heidi’s, and she hasn’t been blogging nearly as long, but I always love her posts when she does.  Chicago folks likely know Alpana from the show Check, Please! on public TV, where, as they say, “regular Chicagoans review and talk about their favorite restaurants”.  Alpana also is a certified sommelier, was the youngest female sommelier in the United States in fact, and is notably heading up the wine side of the Lettuce Entertain You empire here in Chicago.


But better than that, she’s funny.   She’s smart.  She’s casual about food and drink while still retaining her integrity.  And her personality totally shines through on her blog.  The posts range from timely suggestions to irreverant; introducing new producers, aperitifs, and recipes; and when we’re lucky, feature her pug.  Through and through, Alpana is a joy!

More introductions to come, and much more from us soon!  In the meantime, we’re wrapping up the work week, cleaning for weekend guests we may not even see, and packing up for the weekend down in B-N!


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