Great Weekend!

We are back in Chicao after a long, great weekend down in B-N.  My parents joined us, and we worked, played, explored, ate, and enjoyed the time together!

We got down there Friday afternoon, and ran errands and did a few odd jobs before my parents were to arrive in the morning.  In the dark, we pulled ivy off The Hive.  The next morning, Bee hung our prayer flags:

changes2changes 1We also checked out the farmers’ market that morning.  It was busy, spanning about 4 blocks right downtown in Bloomington:

fm1Not a lot to offer yet, but many farmers were selling potted vegetables and herbs, and there were also breads, honeys, art, meat, eggs, and other goods on sale.  Only real crop were some spring greens, which we bought for some salads for the weekend:

fm2It will be fun to watch it evolve over the seasons.

Our yard itself had already evolved over the past two weeks since I had been there.  Here are some blooms to share that weren’t around last time down, beginning with an Easter-colored look from our back yard into our neighbor’s:

plants1Next were the strawberries we found growing at the base of The Hive:

plants2Some lovely purple irises in the back yard by the alley:

plants3We also confirmed the mystery flower from the side of the house from a few weeks ago!  Sure enough, also an iris, this one a brilliant yellow and orange:

plants4Some delicate purple blooms by the sidewalk in front yard:

plants5We also have some roses blooming along the side of the house:

plants6Here is one further along:

plants8And a red one for good measure:

plants7And some smaller, bright orange ones in front:

plants9We also have some peonies about to burst in front, if the bursting, puffy peonies in our neighbors’ yards are any indication:

plants10plants11It kills us to be missing so much of our yard, but we take it as a good sign that so many things are going, with us away for weeks at a time and thus doing very little to make it happen!

We also did our inaugural cookout this weekend, with our new grill:

dinner1We had great luck with it, with beautiful coals in a really short amoung of time!

dinner2My parents did a pork loin; Me and Bee did some veggie Italian sausage; we shared corn, zucchini, potatoes, and some great herb bread my mom brought down:

dinner3We also did a lot of work this weekend; clearing weeds and excess plants from the yard, painting more of the trim and ceilings in the house, stocking up on this or that, etc.  My mom also refinished our window seat for us.  Here is a glimpse of the new look!

changes4We also waited for my parents to hang the tiki lights on the front porch and The Hive, given that they are the experts on all things tikiary. Here is a peek at The Hive at dusk:

changes3We used our new fire pit, made s’mores, biked around, tried a new dinner spot, and enjoyed our time together.

Like every weekend, especially with family, it went by too quickly.  But it was great to make another weekend’s worth of progress pre-move, spend time with my parents, explore a bit more of our new town(s), and stretch out a bit in our new home.  Now we’re diving back into the work week, in hopes that the next weekend comes all the sooner!


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