I was in a bit of a funk yesterday, and for a few days this week, in fact.  The cooler weather certainly has something to do with it.  As does the exhaustion from teaching a summer class.  But last night I finally put my finger on what was really bothering me.  I was feeling homesick.

Here’s what I couldn’t figure out though.  Homesick for where?  I think it is for all of our homes.

I’m a bit homesick for here, because we have one foot out the door, and things have been so jam-packed lately that there is little time to really just unwind and live here.  Even though we are jam-packed with good, fun, positive things that we’re happy and excited to do, it’s still a squeeze.

I’m of course homesick for the house.  It’s really hard to be down there for a weekend, leave again for 12 days, do another weekend, etc.  And much like here, when we are there, we’re often in such a sprint to get work done that we still don’t get to unwind and relax there.  We don’t even have furniture to do such a thing on!  So perhaps I’m homesick for the future there, where we are not just working, but playing and relaxing there, too.

And I’m homesick for our parents’ homes, which we haven’t been visiting as much lately (due to our schedules, getting tired from over-travel in the past, needing to attend to schooling and the move, etc).  And we won’t be visiting as often as we used to in the future, either, again because of schedules, distance, and time.  It makes sense, but it’s sad.  Especially when ya have families as great as ours.

Perhaps it seems selfish that someone with four good homes could feel homesick.  I think I’m just ready for the transitions to be over, the schedule to be quieted for a month or two, and to wrap my arms fully around our new home and new life down there.  And I think doing so will make the future visits back to our parents’ homes, and to Chicago, feel even better.


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