A Couple More Links

We are still in a dead sprint between school, work, hosting guests, and making our own moving arrangements.  Time is still flying, though, so we are happy!

Here are some introductions to a couple more links on our page:

Bitten is Mark Bittman’s blog.  Mark Bittman is a regular writer for the New York Times, the author of How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, and a co-host of the delightful Spain – On The Road Again which aired this winter on PBS.

He’s someone with a clear food sensibility; he’s not a snob, has no hard rules, respects cooks and farmers and real food, and works to make all things foodie both practical and enjoyable.  I featured him in a recent post about food pantries, and his blog and NYT food reporting is always a breath of fresh air.

The other is a new find for me, Spork and Foon.  I stumbled across this blog via the Flickr photostream associated with Heidi’s 101cookbooks blog, and I’ve been impressed and amused ever since.  The photography is great; the recipes are useful; and the writing conveys the blogger’s obvious joy for food and cooking.  Better yet, she’s young and takes cooking seriously, which awards her automatic cool points in my book.  But like all of our links, it’s just an enjoyable read.  She’s a doll, writes with love and humility, and makes me excited about cooking in that process.  Well worth a spot on our  blogroll.

More to come from us soon!


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One Response to A Couple More Links

  1. marc says:

    I love Spain on the Road Again! I wouldn’t have recognized Bittman’s name, but I know him as the food guy that hangs out with Gwyneth in Spain.

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