Leaving a Good Home for a Good Home

We find it’s hard for people to appreicate why we are so excited to leave Chicago for Central Illinois.  And that’s understandable.  Perhaps for regular readers of this blog, especially once we’re done with school in a couple weeks and living down there more to report from the front lines, you will see through our eyes why it’s so good for us.  But heck, a year ago I’d never heard of the university around which we’re now planning our lives, and I sure know my first 24 hours in B-N had me wanting to pack up the car and get away… fast.

Take the slow-to-reveal-itself goodness of our new home, and take the context of Chicago (jazz hands!!!) that we’re leaving, and it’s an understandable reaction.  After all, Chicago is a great city, and we were lucky enough to find a great building to live in for my entire six years here, and Bee’s four.  I mean, look at where we live now:

chicago homeMaybe later we can better explain why we still strongly feel we’re trading up.  But we’re still here, and although we’re busy as hell, barely able to take it in and enjoy it, and have one foot firmly planted out the door, for now, we’re still here.  We’ll miss it, to be sure.  But we promise we’re trying, right now, to agree with you.  This… is a good home.  We really do know it and love it just as you do.

And we can’t wait to invite you into our new home, too.


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One Response to Leaving a Good Home for a Good Home

  1. marc says:

    I just wanted to say what a beautiful picture this is! From the sunlight patch to the cat’s reflection on the wood floor. Pacyna is inheriting a terrific place!

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