Things I Won’t Miss

Living in Chicago these past six years has been awesome.  We love our neighborhood; we love our apartment; and we love everything this city has to offer.  While we are excited about Bloomington, we will miss it here and always look back fondly on these years.

But… as much as we love and have appreciated our apartment, there are some things I won’t miss:

1.  the kitchen and bathroom floors.  Cracking, splitting, seeping, impossible to keep clean, especially with cat litter and cat hair waging a constant war on them.

2.  the three flights of stairs.  Being active and, well, used to it, it never bothered me much.  But we are constantly amazed at the house down in Bloomington that unloading our car means… just taking a few steps inside.  Getting things into and out of here can be such a production sometimes!

3.  rickety windows.  The windows in this apartment are beautiful, and we have had gorgeous natural light in every room, all year round.  But some are hard to open or close.  The paint is constantly splitting.  They are drafty in the winter.  They are tough to keep clean.

4.  the dust.  I have no idea why, but this is easily one of the dustiest places I’ve ever lived.  We can dust and make the place sparkle one day, and there is a layer of visible dust on everything just days later.  This is especially true in our bedroom.  Down at the new house, we have NEVER yet dusted, and it’s just… not a problem.  Yet another way this place being so poorly sealed (floors, windows, etc) has been kind of exhausting.

5.  coin laundry, small stove, and no dishwasher.  I know.  Boo hoo.  Such is apartment living.  But being able to do dishes and laundry and regular-size cooking witout much thinking about it is already so amazing and nice, and we don’t even live there yet!

So far I don’t feel too sad about moving.  Between teaching, the dissertation, logistics of the move, the crazy weekends packed to the gils with plans and people going back to March, and even the trip to New Orleans next week, there hasn’t been time for many emotions other than survival.  But when that wistfulness inevitably occurrs, I just might pull out this list.


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2 Responses to Things I Won’t Miss

  1. Katie says:

    Just as a reminder that all of these are relative…even reading them in this presentation makes me want to give that whole fucking place an enormous hug. Why?

    You didn’t once mention sub-woofers…

  2. meofmeandbee says:

    haha I’m glad to hear this! You will love it here. Although I needed to make my little list, we loved it here, too. It will be fun to visit and see it all yours!

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