Snow in June

I’ve been saying it snows in June in Chicago since before I moved here. It’s mostly living by the lake which drops our early summer temps 10 degrees lower than the western suburbs, but also other weird Chicago weather patterns make it much colder here. Despite the cold Junes, there are so many perks of living by the lake, such as the Lakefront Path. Although it was in the 50’s and I had to wear legwarmers (the cycling kind, not the Flashdance kind) last weekend I hopped on the Lakefront Path on my bike and road down to see the renovation of Buckingham Fountain and Blues Fest. Below are some photos taken by others that I downloaded from flickr.

Buckingham FountainPhoto by pchowdhury

The renovation to Buckingham Fountain looks great – it was rushed to be ready for the Olympic Committee. There were tons of people checking it out and snapping photos. It would be even better if they reinstalled the crosswalk across LSD directly to it they removed last year.

From Buckingham Fountain I headed north to Blues Fest. There were multiple stages and food vendors around Grant Park with each stage having its own (sponsored) vibe. Each stage had a good size crowd either standing up or parked on camping chairs or blankets – although I was the only one wearing tights and tap shoes. Similar to Taste food and beer was for sale, but it was cool that the city also let people bring coolers into this free festival. I walked around and although I didn’t see the Muddy Waters bus I wanted to include this cool shot from tenrewnna because I really enjoy his music and those he influenced.

Muddy Waters

Someone  I did see play was Travis “Moonchild” Haddix. He was a great showman and guitarist. His horn section was also really feeling the music, which was fun to watch.


At this point I hopped back on my bike and raced as hard as I could home into the headwind on the LFP. Days like that remind me of what I’m going to miss about Chicago, even in “frigid” June weather. Luckily B-N was also having their annual blues festival the same weekend, so next year we can attend that and not have to wear leg warmers.


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2 Responses to Snow in June

  1. Jill says:

    Jesus, great photography. That you should sell. Just saying.

  2. Bee says:

    I wish I could sell them, but I didn’t take these photos. There are links to the flickr pages of the photographers who are far more skilled with their cameras and Photoshop than me. But if you want to buy some mediocre photos of cats and food I can hook you up.

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