Cats on the Move

We had been a bit worried about how the cats would react to all the packing and logistics of the move.  They may still be traumatized by being locked into the bathroom together on Thursday, followed by a car ride in their carriers.  And they may still be weirded out by the new home and new smells.

But so far?  We’re fine.

Gena: If we’re in sight and she can touch us occasionally, she’s set.  Particularly without our AC the past week or so, we’ve had to sleep with the bedroom doors open, which means she’s been glued to us for 8 hours per night.


And Pup:  She wishes we’d live like this all the time.  She has a roving buffet of plastic to lick, tons of places to hide, new things to attack, and we both get the sense that she finds this arrangement far more stimulating than our usual clean and put-away state.


So far, so good.

-Me and Bee

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