We made it!

I have been sort of waiting for a “we made it” post until I could take, decide upon, and upload some photos to go along with it.  But with everything else there is to do, I haven’t made time for it.

Still, I am sitting here in my home office down at the new house and can attest that we did indeed make the move!

The move was hard, even with movers.  I think packing up and getting ready was harder on Me and Bee than we’d anticipated.  Perhaps especially in the 90 degree heat, and amidst hectic work schedules.  But we did it.  The movers showed up Thursday and spent 6 1/2 hours loading the truck from our 3rd story walk-up.  Or I suppose for them it was a walk-down.  Then we did our best to get it in respectable shape for P, load up the last of the fridge and overnight essentials, plants, and cats, and made the 3 hour (given rush hour) drive down to the house.

Friday morning the movers showed up bright and early, and by noon they were gone and here we were with furniture and all our worldly possessions!  Since then it has been just as busy and strenuous, as we unpack, arrange, paint, get the yard in order, etc.  Bee worked his tail off this weekend before heading back up for his last week in Chicago at work.  And I’ve been keeping up with things here: more unpacking, painting, yard work, etc.  My body hurts in all sorts of weird places, like my heels of my feet and my hands and my back.

But finally the pace is slowing a bit and it’s feeling like home.  Moreso during the day for me –at night I still get a little spooked and wish Bee was here.  But we are getting there.  And family is coming down this weekend for the 4th, which will be SO incredibly fun.

Tomorrow I plan to do NO painting or difficult or tiring yard/house work.  I’m going to make it as much of a “normal” day as possible.  Go for a run in the morning.  Run some errands.  Do some school work.  Read.  Make dinner.  Etc.  On Thursday I have to haul a huge (18 feet by 8 feet by 6 feet) pile of yard waste from the back yard to the front, so I’m going to save some energy and also take a bit of a needed, and I will assert well-deserved, break.  I think it’s been over a month since I had sort of a casual day like that!

Bee arrives Thursday evening.  And then we both really live here.  Like for real.

It’s good.


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