Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

So, the food I can’t get enough of this summer is jalapenos.  In coleslaw, on grilled sandwiches, in guac and salsa… you name it, and if it contains jalapenos I probably want it.

Several months back Williams Sonoma began advertising a jalapeno roaster for the grill rack, but it is $20 and there was just somthing that felt wrong about spending such money on something so specific.  Then, at Meijer last week, I came across a $5 version that was super cute.  I don’t have a photo but it is shaped like a jalapeno and holds about 20 peppers.  We snapped it up.

The very next day we were invited to a last-minute barbeque at my chair’s house, so I knew the time had arrived to try them.  Here’s how it went.

1.  Hollow out the jalapenos, after cutting off the tops.

jala1I found a small serated knife worked best, but really it’s just about patience and agility.  Two things I rarely have, I know.  But for this, it was worth the commitment.

2.  Reserve the tops.

jala2If nothing else, they make cute little hats while they’re roasting on the grill.

3.  I couldn’t find any use for the innards, so I sadly tossed them into the compost.  But you do get a lot of guts, and the seeds and such should calm anyone who worries they they’re too spicy (although they did have a nice kick).

jala34.  Mix cream cheese, cheddar (I used an applewood cheddar), bread crumbs, salt, and pepper to taste in a large bowl.

jala4Many recipes call for bacon, but this tasted like bacon to me already!  I credit the applewood cheddar, which has a smoked flavor.

5.  Stuff and save for the grill!

jala5I have photos of neither the grilling process nor the end result.  Both times Bee tended the grill and I was too focused on enjoying them to even consider a photo.  Perhaps that’s the best testament to their taste I can provide.  They were GOOD!  A wise investment, that roaster.  Money well spent.


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One Response to Grilled Jalapeno Poppers

  1. Megan Gibbons says:

    One time I tried making jalapeno poppers. I learned two lessons:

    1. Don’t wear contacts if you’re clumsy and tend to squirt ingredients in your eyes. The burn lasts about a week.

    2. I am HORRIBLE at making jalapeno poppers.

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