Scenes From the Yard

Since friends and family can only rarely make it down to the house, let me take you on a little tour of the yard this week.

3Bee has done a lot of landscaping, and other than a sick tree in front which has brought us an early November, things are looking good.

4We have done a lot of weeding, and Bee really cleaned it up with chunk bark, flowers, pepeprs, etc.

5He also planted corn, beans, and squash, which sprung up really quickly!  This small planting bed is in that front area.

1We have a variety of lilies all over the yard, including these along the front of the house.  It is my new hobby to pull the shoots after the flower has died, only yanking the ones that come with a gentile tug. I get a few more each day.

2Also along the front of the house is a gorgeous hibiscus that my chair brought us as a housewarming gift.  Every day there seems to be a new flower on there!

6This is back in the front bed near the street.  What is it?  Does anyone know?

7Bee also really cleaned up the front porch area.  He planted everything that’s in there, and on the porch you can see the mint that Sandie gave us.

8We also have some corn along the side of the house…

9…and beans.  Actually both (plus squash) are planted in various places all over the yard.  It will be fun to harvest in the fall!

10Also along the side of our house is that gorgeous sage plant, to which we have done almost nothing.  Yum.

11Bee also recently transferred some later seeds from the starter tray into bigger pots.  We think / hope we inched in just under the clock to allow these to be edible before winter.

12We’ve had to make more room for growing, plus the alley needed cleaning up.  So Bee did that just a few days ago.  This was mid-way through the project.  It looks even better now.

13The Hive has a new sign, many thanks to Karen…

14…and all sorts of Bees like it.  (Mes too.)

15Our lettuce seems ready.  It is hard to pull after so much effort (these were born in our apartment in Chicago) –but that’s what we grow it for, right?  This week.  We will eat it this week.

18We also have about 6 full-size tomatoes, and some smaller ones on their way.

19Some peppers are ready, too, with some jalapenos not far behind and, we hope, also some Thai chilis.

16We also have this great old bird feeder hung on our freshly painted trellis.  Since this photo Bee has done another coat of paint and replaced and painted the top beams.

17Both the feeder and our seed storage container came from Grandma Shirley.  So cute!

We are still busy at work both inside and out.  Come visit!


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2 Responses to Scenes From the Yard

  1. Jill says:

    How is this possible? Didn’t you guys move here, like, YESTERDAY?!

  2. meofmeandbee says:

    Some of the tomatoes and peppers we got when they were like 6-8 inches tall from the farmers market. We put those in June 6. The lettuce we grew from seeds in Chicago. The other stuff just took off! PLUS we did 3-4 weekends down here before the move. PLUS we have been here nearly a month. PLUS we are not gainfully employed at the moment. PLUS stuff grows like crazy here, way more than even in MI.

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