Bittman on Dressing

I mentioned homemade salad dressings a while back, and I have been meaning to do a follow-up post for a while.  Well, today Bittman made it easy for me.  Check this out!

I’ve made a variation of all three dressings before, and will certainly be making one this week (today?) when we eat the lettuce in our yard.

I hated salad for years, but I wonder if the store-produced dressings were partly what were keeping me away.  Homemade dressings are so tasty, and they’re cheaper, to boot!


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3 Responses to Bittman on Dressing

  1. Katie P. says:

    #1. I LOVE this guy. Where have I seen him before? Did he do something on Top Chef?

    #2. While I completely disagree with his ratio, this is why I love homemade salad dressing–you can control the ratio. I tend to like uber-vinegary dressings…and this way I can have them.

    #3. Also, you probably do this already but if you don’t allow me to suggest throwing in either red onion or shallot (diced…probably minced…as small as you can get it)…makes it a little sweet. You can also add just a snip of sugar for a little sweeter dressing.

    Isn’t it funny how salad dressing seems so hard but really isn’t? Probably a marketing ploy by Kraft and Hidden Valley Ranch…

  2. meofmeandbee says:

    He did Spain on the Road Again with Mario Battali and Gwenyth Paltrow, which aired on PBS last fall or winter. He also wrote the How to Cook Everything books, which may have bumped him occasionally into TV land. And he’s been the NYT food writer guy for a while. I love him too. Also, silver fox.

  3. Katie P. says:

    It’s the “How to Cook Everything” books…I have one sitting in my kitchen and they never fail. I never would have put those two things together. Nicely done.

    And “yes” on the silver fox.

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