Summer Plans

When we moved down here, we felt sure that we’d be back up to Chicago at least once this summer, and vowed (to ourselves) a long weekend in Michigan.

Now, with classes starting in less than a month, neither seems likely.  And that’s a bummer because we have all the time in the world.  Other than my trip to San Francisco for a conference in a couple weeks, the calendar is, and has been, wide open, which makes it a bit more frustrating.

The problem is that with Bee applying for several good jobs, a call could come at any time for an interview.  So there goes even a short-term trip, especially during the week. We sort of need to stick around should Bee get any calls on the applications he has out, many of which are for jobs that are still posted, so ostensibly are not yet filled.  Add to that the difficulty of planning anything out into the future, given the hope that Bee will then be working. It’s a waiting game.

Bee’s non-jobness also makes us more conscious of our spending.  So the cost to travel and the inevitable food and stuff  puts an extra burden on what could otherwise be an easy trip to Chicago or MI.

Plus there is the desire to see all our parents on this hypothetical trip to MI, so factor in their schedules this summer, and it turns out the perfect weekend to visit everyone was two weeks ago.  Oops.  From here until school something is going on every weekend, either here or there.  And once school starts, it gets harder.  That 4.5 hour drive seems tough when there’s not a long weekend to invite it.

We do know we’ll be in Chicago the weekend of September 25.  One of my favorite bands is playing a show that Friday night and then we’ll probably make our rounds to see Chicago pals that weekend.  And MI is lovely in the fall, so if we can swing that, we will.

But for now, we’re sorta stuck…. waiting….  And all I wanna do is catch a Cubs game, hang out in Edgewater and Rogers Park, take a dip in my parents’ pool, visit Ballard Park, be in Grandma Shirley’s yard, work on the car at John’s, go to Founders, go to the cabin, etc.

Perhaps this is just a kick in my own pants to appreciate what we have, which is a great yard with all sorts of fun stuff growing, time to get more done around the house, time to explore our new city a bit more, and a quiet rest before what is sure to be an active fall.

But still….


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2 Responses to Summer Plans

  1. Megan G says:

    I totally understand the unemployment summer non-plans. It sucks 😦

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