Wednesday BBQ’s

For the past three Wednesdays in a row, Bee and I have been grilling for dinner.  This, of course, now means Wednesday = BBQ Night.  We’ve been preparing a lot of food, which is great for leftovers.  Last night’s menu was jalapeno cornbread, coleslaw, salad with homemade basil dressing, grilled corn, grilled purple peppers, baked beans stewed on the grill, and BBQ tofu. Oh, and of course s’mores.  It’s fun.  We sit outside with a beer, putz around in the yard, and eat until we’re stuffed.  I didn’t take photos last night, but here is last week’s BBQ:

Perhaps most significantly, we finally did cut and eat the lettuce we had grown in the yard, as well as a couple little yellow cherry tomatoes:

3772332802_e9b9d2a6ccThat alone wasn’t quite enough, so I added a spinach mix,  carrots, and some nuts and cheese.

3771530011_ac52963c4eI made my go-to ginger soy dressing and it was wonderful.

I should note that we are not the only ones interested in eating from our garden.  This one cracked me up, as devistated as I was to lose the tomato:

3771532197_d7ec9e04c2I call it Nightmare Before BBQ.

OK, so what else did we have?

3772346770_a5841d6566We had Bee’s great little grilling setup.

3771536785_32c0543be8And Bee.  And grill.

3771534229_9356a86304And our very last summer lily, reaching toward the sunset.

Oh!  And we had more food!

3772344378_a68587a8abGrilled corn, from the farmers market.

3772351984_3836aaae40Grilled new potatoes, also from the farmers market.

Beans, which I didn’t take a photo of because I was stuffing my face, and of course grilled tofu slathered with Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce:

3771544199_f331f777a9I kid you not, it tasted like chicken.  Better.

And of course, no BBQ is complete without roasting marshmallows over the coals and making s’mores:

3772355436_866909ba88Next week we’re going to try grilled polenta, to shake things up a bit.

Cheers to Wednesday night BBQ!


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4 Responses to Wednesday BBQ’s

  1. Mom/Sandie says:

    Grilled tofu with sweet baby rays, we are going to try that for sure.
    And ever since we stayed at your house and had yummy s’mores, I can’t seem to stop craving them.

  2. Mom says:

    I want to go to there. Can we come for BBQ?

  3. meofmeandbee says:

    Yes! =)

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