Things We Made This Week

Thanks to our garden, our farmers market, and my colleague, we made a few things this past week.

Bee made me (ok, us) a microbrew pale ale, which is my favorite beer on this earth.


I made a basil salad dressing, with basil and tomatoes from our garden.


The end result wasn’t nearly as pretty, so no photo, but it tasted great!

We also made jalapeno corn bread.


And thanks to a great cast iron mold we got from Bee’s family…


We had some shaped like corn!


We also got some beautiful purple potatoes from the farmers market.


They were amazing.  It was like they were glowing when they were wet!


Once cooked, they turned a brilliant blue, which made a great contrast with the curry I made them in.


The end result didn’t look much different than usual…


…but it was fun and tasted great!

In other things made this week, I made it into my office at school!  Here are some photos as I was cleaning and prepping to move things in:



And in just about 36 hours I am making it all the way to San Francisco for a conference!  Then I have to make the most of the 1.5 weeks of summer I will have left when I return…


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