Wet Paint

I’ve been a very lazy blogger, but productive home owner lately. The paint brushes barely have had time to dry before moving on to the next room or coat. First up below is our bedroom. Like nearly every room in our house, it was painted multiple colors (one purple wall, three green walls, yellow ceiling, blue stair risers). We primed the one purple wall on Memorial Day weekend and later in the attic thought we found the correct can of green paint to match the other walls. After the green paint dried we discovered it was an odd color green that wasn’t anywhere to be found in the house. We liked the original green so I recently painted all of the walls and stairs a similar shade followed a few coats of white over the yellow ceiling.

Painting the Stairs

It was actually much faster and cleaner to take off the treads of the stairs. Olivia made it up the stairs as pictured once to come see me upstairs, but I then was barely able to balance and carry her down as she was panicking when she realized she couldn’t get back down.

Bedroom Stairs

Here are the freshly painted stairs, walls, and ceiling. The photo below is a little dark, but you get a sense of the colors.

Wall and Ceiling

Another room I painted recently is our back family room. We liked the previous terra cotta color, but thought we would like it yellow better. We were right. It looks more contemporary now as well as better matches with the kitchen and blonde wood furniture. This photo is also a little dark, but you get a sense of the color.


Here is another view from in the kitchen. We wanted to keep the color “sunset friendly” as the sunset transforms this room every evening. It also makes it look bigger.

Kitchen into Backroom

I need to pick up a few light switch plate covers to replace the three zany ones previously in that room, but otherwise that project is complete. I also took down the curtain rods and hangers as we’re still not sure about window treatments in this room. We plan on swapping out the hanging light at some point too, but are still looking at replacement options for that too. I’m off to wrap up some more painting now. Everything is looking good, but I’ll be glad to say something other than “painting” when someone asks me what I’ve been up to.


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1 Response to Wet Paint

  1. jilly says:

    I am cruising the internet for color ideas and came across your beautiful home.

    Can you tell me what brand and color of paint you used? I really love the grey/blue and yellow as well as the green leading up the stairs.


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