Work in Progress

Phew…”Me” and I both had long and productive work days today. Among other work, “Me” sent off a potential publication and I tackled the floor in our large hallway. I did other work in there over the past week that I’ll also show when everything is done. This morning I rented a floor sander and got to work. Like most renovation projects I could write a few paragraphs about the trials and tribulations that have ensued, but I’ll just say I quickly learned I needed to strip the floors before sanding (they had been stained originally then painted and finally covered with wood tiles which I removed last week) and that due to the dozen painful chemical burns from the paint stripper I’ll be wearing gloves and a pair of pants when I strip the front porch. That being said, the floor is coming along well and I’ll be done by noon tomorrow when the sander is due.



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