Slice of Life

Me: Sitting at the computer as Bee washes out his buckets in the tub so that he can brew another batch of my favorite beer: “Bee!  Let’s get a trampoline!  We have a backyard; we can do it!”

(Actually, it was more like, “BEE!Let’sgetatrampoLINE!WehaveabackYARD;wecanDOit!”)

Bee: Sweat dripping from his brow, shouting over rushing water from a couple rooms over: “What?!?!

Me: “Let’s get a trampoline!!!  We have the yard for it!”

Bee: ….  “Get off Craigslist.”

Then we both laughed and half-heartedly chatted pros and cons.  (Cons won.)

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One Response to Slice of Life

  1. Mom says:

    a trampoline? youve been talking to your dad, eh?
    he wants a unicycle, you want a trampoline…….

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